About Us

About Us

Why Hire a Sitter?

If you have never hired a professional pet sitter before you may not be sure how it works and why it would be the perfect solution for you and your family. Here are just some of the many benefits to hiring a professional pet sitter to care for your pets while you are away.

  • Peace of mind! Knowing your pets and home are being cared for and will be ready for your return in the same condition you left them in can be a huge relief. This means less stress while you are getting ready to travel and when you return.
  • Happier and healthier pets! Most animals prefer a consistent routine. Sudden changes to their daily lives can cause unnecessary stress and health problems. We stick with your pet’s regular feeding, medication, and exercise routines as much as possible to meet their needs.
  • Boarding can be stressful. Not all pets are very sociable and we understand that. Most boarding facilities have the kennels all in one area where they can see and hear the other animals. This can be very stressful for older or more sensitive pets and they may never fully relax while they are there. Just like people, not all pets are alike and we take time to listen and understand the needs of your special loved one. This is the kind of one-on-one attention you can only get by hiring a sitter.
  • Home safety! Home care is always included as part of our services. We will bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on and off, and other tasks to keep your home in great shape while you are away. Plus, having a pet sitter coming and going daily keeps your house from being a target for criminals.

Why Choose Us?

We know there are many options for those looking for someone to care for their pets and the fact that you are here doing your research means you are one awesome pet parent! We love working with people like you and we hope you will love working with people like us. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose us.

  • We are true animal lovers! We treat your pets just like they are part of our own family. That means all the love, special attention, and care that every creature deserves no matter their age, size, or breed!
  • All our pet sitters are insured, bonded, and extremely trustworthy! We only hire mature, responsible people who have passed our very thorough interview process. All our sitters are over 18 and have experience working with animals. Many of them are people we have known for years!
  • Daily updates! Your sitter will send you a daily message with an update on how your pet is doing. This can even include a cute picture or video of all the fun they are having together. We also post pictures on social media so you never know when you might see a familiar face!
  • Technology! If you love the convenience of modern technology like we do, this will be a huge plus. We use an online scheduling software called Time to Pet. This is an easy to use software where you can request services, message us, and easily pay online. It keeps all your account information in a secure database that you are able to update so we always have current information about you and your pets. Of course you are still always welcome to e-mail, text, or call to request services or check in on your pets.

About the Owner

Jennifer with her dingo Kira

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the owner of Creature Companions. I also do most of the pet sitting. Although I love running the business, my favorite part is getting to spend time with the animals!

As a kid, I was obsessed with getting a dog. It was all I talked about until my parents finally caved and let me pick out a puppy at the Animal Shelter. Pongo was an adorable Brittany Spaniel and my best friend in the world for 13 years. Now my husband and I share our home with two weird little cats and a lovable dingo.

I knew I loved animals but it wasn’t until my first job as a teenager that I knew my future would be all about pet care. I started cleaning kennels at Heartland Animal Clinic and spent several years there learning so much about dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, and birds. It was an amazing experience! I went on to take a manager position with Camp Bow Wow’s Home Buddies pet sitting and after that part of the business was dissolved I became a front desk supervisor and marketing manager at the dog daycare. These opportunities have taught me everything I needed to start my own pet care business!

Now I get to share all my love, experience, and knowledge with you and your furry family! I have the best job ever!