Do you offer live-in pet sitting?

We currently do not offer an option where we live at your home while you are away. However, we do have overnight pet sitting available which you can combine with mid-day visits to ensure your pet is getting plenty of care and attention while you are away.

Do you do group dog walks or trips to the dog park?

For safety reasons we only walk dogs individually (or with those in the same family) and we do not offer trips to the dog park. We cannot be responsible for other dogs at the park being well behaved or even vaccinated properly and would not want to risk your pup’s health or safety.

If my pet makes a mess, will you clean it up?

Yes, we will clean up any mess to the best of our ability using the cleaning supplies you have at home. (This is information we get from you during the initial consultation.) Every time we visit we will perform a walk through before we leave to ensure that everything is in order and we don’t miss any surprises.

Do you come at the exact time I ask for?

We schedule our visits within 2 hour time blocks. This allows us to more easily schedule our multiple pet sitting jobs each day. If you are out of town and your dog is getting multiple visits a day we will always be conscious of the time between visits to be sure your pup does not have to wait longer than normal for a potty break.

Do you administer medications?

Yes, we will administer any oral or topical medications your pet may need for no additional charge. Unfortunately we are not able to do injectable medications, but hope to offer this option sometime in the future.

What kinds of pets do you care for?

We are happy to care for many different kinds of domesticated animals. We have cared for cats, dogs, small mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. If you are not sure if your pet is one we care for just contact us and ask!

Will I have the same pet sitter every time?

We prefer you have the same sitter each time to ensure a great relationship with you and your pets. However if something comes up and your pet sitter is not able to make it, we will contact you and let you know another one of our awesome sitters will be filling in.

What happens in severe weather?

We will do everything in our power to get to your home to care for you pet! This might mean adjusting your visit time to ensure we can make it safely to your house, or staying longer until bad weather passes.

Can my pet come stay at your home?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service. We prefer to care for your pet in the comfort of their own home.

Do you offer dog training?

Although we are always happy to use our experience to share tips and tricks with you we are not qualified dog trainers. We are happy to recommend a trainer to you and are more than happy to work with you and your trainer to keep your pet’s care and rules consistent.

Will you care for fearful or aggressive pets?

We would be happy to assist you with fearful or aggressive pets. This may require a little extra work to prepare for your time away, but we completely understand that there are certain pets that need extra special care. However, if it becomes a dangerous situation for any of our sitters we may have to refuse future services.

Do you care for Pitbulls?

Yes, of course we do! We have absolutely NO breed restrictions.